Pre-teen Flashback

So I came across a great idea the other day. Do you ever pull out your headphones and they’re tangled into a big knot? Happens to me all the time at the gym and on planes (I fly way too much).  So the fix… turn the cords into a friendship bracelet! Remember this stuff? It’s only $4 for a 36 pack at Walmart… friendship thread, booyah!

So it took just about all of the string pictured above to do this, and two nights in front of the TV watching Hallmark holiday specials with the hubby.

Seriously, this thing is tangle proof, I love it! The hubby loved the idea and made one too, how cute. He chose WVU colors of course.

He decided to do only the top half of his, but honestly, it’s still pretty impressive to me that he did that much ;)

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