Although the real sunflowers with the orange slices were really pretty, the flowers died in about a week. The oranges held up great, however.  I decided to go with some fake flowers this time, however.

My husband and I were in Michael’s Crafts, we were discussing how most of the fake flowers looked kinda cheap. I love fake fall colored flowers, but there’s something about the spring colors, they never look “real” enough.

While I’m on this topic though, I just thought about these really pretty fake sunflowers my mom puts out every year. I’m going to have to ask her where she got them. I like the texture of the ones we found, however I’m not certain about what they’re made of. They kind of resemble dried orange slices.

We found those conch shells at the beach last year, and tried to be careful not to take any that housed live snails or hermit crabs. Unfortunately, we did take one or two that had hermit crabs in them, and I found out too late… they had died. I felt pretty terrible about that, so I’m not sure I’ll pick up any more conch shells.

We did end up with a nice assortment of shells though, but I have yet to find a nice way / spot to display them.  I also came across the cutest itsy bitsy shell when I was cleaning them.

That’s a small white rock that it’s set on! Now that I have them all cleaned up, I think I’ll start seeking  some ideas out and decide how I want to display them.

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