Sunday, July 19, 2020

Laundry Room Refresh

When we purchased our home, our laundry room had very sad half painted cabinets on the wall that didn't even run the length of the wall. There was just an odd gap on the right hand side. Unfortunately, I didn't take a proper before photo, but trying to salvage these cabinets just didn't make sense. I ripped them out shortly after we closed on the house and put them to the curb.

I had my eye on this wallpaper for a while, and just couldn't find the right home for it. It's just a peel and stick style and I thought it would be worth a shot for the laundry room wall. I also ripped out the original builder shelf and installed a white melamine coated shelf down lower to line up with the back of the washing machine.

I really wanted open style storage cubes, so I found some wall mounts on Amazon, and got them solidly mounted into studs. 

I added a melamine shelf between the two bins at the top and bottom, as well as a piece of trim at the top to give it a more finished look.

I also added a piece of primed trim to the bottom shelf to give it a more finished look. I then caulked and painted the trim bright white to match the melamine.

Between the washer and dryer, I had the smallest little gap to work with. I happened to come across this little bathroom storage unit that fit perfectly, so I ordered it, not thinking to measure the height. Whoops!

Easy fix though, I grabbed some scrap wood from the garage and mad a little pedestal for it to sit on, and painted it white to match.

Finally, I found proper storage cubes that didn't clash with the the wallpaper, and a little throw rug to cozy up the cold tile floors.

I'm thinking I'd like to rip the tile trim out and replace it with standard white trim as well, as I just feel like that will be a cleaner, more finished look. I'm also really not a fan of Samsung appliances, and am planning to get the matching LG dryer, as that LG washing machine is awesome!

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